January 17, 2024

APB Published in Chicago Architect Magazine

Our project, “A Library Free to All,” was featured in the Winter 2023 Chicago Architect Magazine for winning the Roberta Feldman Architecture for Social Justice Honor Award. The award recognizes projects that are “guided by the conviction that access to high-quality architecture is not a privilege, it is a human right.” Read the magazine here.

November 3, 2023

Chicago Architecture Biennial Book Discussion

Chana Haouzi joins John McMorrough and Lucia Allais for a book discussion at the Chicago Thompson Center, hosted by Chicago Architecture Biennial and Columbia University’s Buell Center. The conversation responded to the Buell Center’s most recent publication, “Architecture and Land in and Out of the Americas,” — a book that offers a different view of the relationship between architecture and land and challenges our assumption that land precedes architecture. Read more about the project here.

October 27, 2023

“A Library Free To All” Wins Two AIA Chicago Awards on Design Night 

Our project A Library Free To All brings home two awards at the AIA Chicago Design Night! The project received the Roberta Feldman Architecture for Social Justice Honor Award and an Architecture Design Excellence Merit Citation for our innovative and community-centered design for the Boston Public Library. The Roberta Feldman Award is especially meaningful to us because it is “guided by the conviction that access to high-quality architecture is not a privilege; it is a human right.” Grateful to the American Institute of Architects in Chicago and the AIA Chicago Foundation for this honor. 

October 24, 2023

Association for Community Design Conference Panel Discussion 

The Association for Community Design Conference, which took place at the DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center in Chicago, gathered community design advocates from across the country. In its 46th installment, the conference was titled WAYS and invited participants to reimagine how we can challenge and change design practice to advance racial justice and build equity in our communities. APB principal Chana Haouzi joined Nootan Bharani and Chandra Christmas-Rouse to discuss how they challenge the status quo of design teaching and studio culture. The panel discussion was moderated by Traci Wile and titled “Creating a Demand for Better: Teaching in Place, Chicago.” Read more about it here.

October 15, 2023

Architects’ Roundtable: Designing Sukkahs to Amplify Civic Life

Architecture for Public Benefit and Trent Fredrickson Architecture participate in the Chicago Sukkah Design Festival Roundtable to discuss our design for the Lawndale Christian Community Center and Mishkan Chicago. Moderated by Nekita Thomas, the conversation invited the public to hear more about our participatory design process. Learn more about the festival here. Photo by the talented Norvell Tolbert Photography.

August 30, 2023

Architecture for Public Benefit Lecture at University of Illinois Chicago

As part of the University of Illinois Chicago’s School of Architecture We@UIC Series, Chana presented the work and philosophy of Architecture for Public Benefit. How can we make good design accessible to everyone? This question guides our practice and drives our creative work. Chana discussed our business model and recent projects, outlining how our benefit corporation was founded and how we find innovative ways to leverage design as a solution to improve lives. 

July 18, 2023

Lecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Chana and Matt presented our work at Harvard University Graduate School of Design Design Discovery. The talk was titled “Design, with” and captured Architecture for Public Benefit’s approach to design.

"Design, with" means that design is collaborative and open-ended. It is an invitation that requires the support and consensus of others to flourish. It thrives in creative environments, with partners that listen carefully and design collaboratively. It encourages us to question what is known and push the limits of what is possible– to use creativity and care to respond to the needs of communities and their environment. To infuse beauty and function into every solution and to realize that we have the agency to make a tangible difference in the built environment and to the people that engage with it every day.

May 11, 2023

Architecture for Public Benefit is participating in Chicago’s Sukkah Design Festival

APB was selected to participate in this year's Chicago Sukkah Design Festival. We are partnered with Mishkan Chicago and Lawndale Community Church and designing a sukkah to support both faith organizations ongoing collaboration and intertwined histories. After the festival, the structure will relocate to Lawndale Legal Center and serve as a memorial honoring the lives of LCLC youth lost of gun violence. Shown above is a Worm's eye view of our sukkah proposal. The project introduces three thickened walls that act as vessels and provide moments of connection, storytelling and remembering. We look forward to bringing the project to life with our design and fabrication partner Trent Fredrickson Architecture and hosts Could Be Architecture and Lawndale Pop-Up Spot.

March 12, 2023

APB exhibited at Chicago Architecture Center

Our firm was selected to join a talented group of architects to rethink how typical Chicago housing typologies can meet the needs of our time. We partnered with Peter Rose + Partners to reimagine Chicago’s six-flat housing typology into an affordable, sustainable, and scalable system. With over 10,000 vacant lots and neighborhoods that remain underserved and in need of good quality affordable housing, this initiative is a commitment to create homeownership and wealth-building opportunities, improve our urban fabric, and empower communities. The exhibition is on view until March 26, 2023 and the public is invited to leave feedback on the proposed designs.

January 20, 2023

Chana starts The Life of Buildings studio at the University of Chicago

Chana has developed a new class for the University of Chicago titled the Life of Buildings. The studio examines what happens to a building after it is designed and built. How do particular design decisions influence human experience and behavior? Which parts of the building align with its intended use, and what are surprising outcomes or changes? How do buildings perform, evolve, and adapt over time? These questions aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of the built environment and the series of decisions that shaped them. For our second class, we visited the Chicago Cultural Center, originally the first Chicago Public Library, and students captured their research and observations in a short film.