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Architecture for Public Benefit is a mission-driven architecture practice committed to improving the lives of all through the design of and investment in our built environment. 

We believe that architecture has the power to make a difference. As architects, we are problem solvers, spatial thinkers, and team leaders uniquely positioned to help our partners solve today's challenges. We are a nimble and creative practice with expertise in all stages of project delivery. Our relationships are based on communication, trust, and transparency and a belief that architecture should be approachable, beautiful, and for everyone.


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We all grow and change and our needs change with us. Does your organization have plans for extending its reach? We can help you envision and fund that change through pointed imagery and fundraising material. At Architecture for Public Benefit, we are visual storytellers and will help you craft and communicate a vision to others. Aligning all stakeholders with your plans for growth will significantly increase your support and probability for success.

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Looking into the feasibility of a property and if it will work for your needs? We can do site evaluation that will look at code requirements, developable area and FAR requirements, environmental considerations such as prevalent winds, solar orientation, access, parking solutions neighborhood contextual studies, transportation and access, market and demographics and all the forces which should be taken into account to produce a successful.

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Program narratives identify and prioritize the values and goals that will impact design. It covers broad aims such as your purpose and growth objectives, in addition to more detailed-oriented spatial requirements needed to support your activities, events, and mission. The document typically includes function and sizing of rooms, spatial adjacencies, privacy acoustic, security and access, natural light, equipment and furnishings, and any additional information that can guide the project.

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In addition to pre-design and post-construction services, we offer complete design services that will transform an idea into a built project. This includes new construction, expansion, or renovations. Our design process is supported by drawings, physical models, renderings and BIM modeling software. We will collaborate throughout assuring that the final product aligns with your budget and needs.

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We advocate for post-occupancy surveys because we believe in the power of evidence and data to inform decisions. We stand behind our work and will evaluate a project during its lifetime. This study will provide your organization with valuable insight in addition to supporting building maintenance and facilities management efforts.

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Want to make the most of what you have? We can study your space and business operations in order to increase your team’s efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing. Beginning with an existing conditions survey and identification of current pain points, we will suggest spatial and strategic solutions that address your goals.


We understand the need for transparent pricing that can be budgeted for and work with each of our partners to be accessible. We believe in the value that we bring to each project and its community and would love to discuss how we can work together to address your growth. 


Chana Haouzi is an architect, educator, and founder of Architecture for Public Benefit. She is passionate about solving spatial challenges through strategic thinking and collaboration and applying her comprehensive experience of the design process. She holds a Master in Architecture II from Harvard University and a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from McGill University. She is an active member of the American Institute of Architects, the Boston Society of Architects, Women in Design, and the Architecture Lobby. In addition to her professional work, Chana teaches design studio at Northeastern School of Architecture and serves as a design critic across the northeast.


Every project begins with a conversation and we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at hello@apbdesign.org.

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